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Handheld POS machine

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    Handheld POS machine


      1, the first high speed USB communication mode, more than 20 times faster than the serial port, true USB operation, without driver, Plug and play.

      2, sound module.

      3, extremely high application flexibility.

      4, unique, first book search solutions.

      5, and mass data storage, large screen display.


    A, define

    Handheld POS machine: handheld POS machine called the mobile point of sale, Mobile POS machines, wireless POS machines, batch-processing POS machine, mobile sales applications in various industries.

    Second, handheld POS machine industry classification

    Mobile POS machine application in different industries have different classifications of different names.

    The financial sector, POS credit card machine, POS terminal settlement, UnionPay POS machine

    The book industry: Mobile POS machine sales of books, book collector, book inventory, book inventory, book search, book search machine 1.

    Supermarket industry: Mobile POS machines in the supermarket, supermarket check-machine, supermarket inventory.

    Pharmaceutical industry: drug store Mobile POS machines, drug inventory, drugs collector, inventory and so on

    Apparel industry: apparel Mobile POS machines, clothing check-machine

    Three applications, handheld POS machine industry wide-thick book collector

    HK-906 series thick-wide data collector for many years hands-on experience in absorbing the majority of users, to simple, economic, durable power of enterprise mobile computing becomes, in asset management, logistics management, manufacturing process optimization, inventory and other books are widely used in the field, has won industry praise from users.

    Tens of thousands of user experience, HK-906 thick wide collector series with simple function, economic and durable features, become a classic of thick-wide mobile data terminal products; it is suitable for all kinds of working environment needs, can be used in industry, Government, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and distribution centers. By HK906, you are able to efficiently and accurately capture data, and be able to properly transfer the data to the host system. Its reasonable price and practical performance, which meets your budget requirements, HK-906 series high-speed ARM32-bit processor, the 128M storage space is ideal for batch processing of data. Its wide-screen, user-friendly graphical interface and ergonomic design improves comfort of the employees in the course of.

    Four, the application domain

    One-card hand and charge

    Taxi newsletter and charge

    Bus, bus attendant fare handheld Terminal

    Subway AFC ticket support tickets, ticket subscribers

    Newsstands carrying charges Terminal

    Supermarkets, chain stores online and offline carrying charges Terminal

    Logistics data acquisition, image processing

    Highway secondary ticket handheld Terminal

    Infra-red water and electricity meter reading

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